Tuesday, March 23, 2010

2nd Annual FREE Spryfield Book Bonanza on April 17th at the Captain William Spry Community Centre

Joey The Penguin is attending the 2nd Annual FREE Spryfield Book Bonanza on April 17th at the Captain William Spry Community Centre Lobby in Spryfield, Halifax, Nova Scotia from 10:00 am until 2:00 pm. All are welcome!!!! This is a great opportunity for children to create their own books,meet award winning Authors and Illustrators, storytime, and talk to the book doctor. Come for the fun and leave with a bag of free books, newspapers and magazines!

Come and see us there!

Brian Hiltz (Creator of Joey the Penguin)

Monday, March 22, 2010

Chebucto Book Buddies

Joey the Penguin attended the Chebucto Book Buddies program that was launched on Saturday, March 13 at the Captain William Spry community centre.

The program will feature bags of books which can be borrowed by children. Favourite books will be tracked so that they can be re-borrowed. It is going to be a great cause that will help children have access to books that they wouldnt necessarily have access to without this program.

The first 200 children under 12 were given a free book and there was free face paintings, hot dogs and book readings from local authors. Joey the Penguin t-shirts were passed out and we made a lot of friends that day. If you have an opportunity to support this great program cause then please do.

The launch was a great success and Joey is anxious to get out more and meet the local people of Halifax.

Have a great day!

Brian Hiltz (author of Joey the Penguin)

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Character Profiles Part 8. Who is Abigail the Killer Whale?

Abigail the Killer whale is a very large killer whale. She carries with her a soft voice, a shy demeanor and a gentle personality. You can see the shy girly side of Abigail by noticing the teddy bear knapsack that she carries aound with her wherever she goes. When Abigail meets new creatures they tend to be scared of her due to her enormous size. This has led Abigail to recognize that she is different and lead her to believe that being different is bad. The life lesson for Abigail is the realization that differences are good and we all have our part to play in society. We all come in different sizes, shapes and colors, and this is what makes us special.

With the help of her friends, Abigail will finally be able to see that being different is the best way to be

This is the conclusion of the series of articles outlining my Antarctic friends and I. If you have any questions about Joeythepenguin.com then please send an email to joey@joeythepenguin.com with your inquiry.

Thank you and have a great day!


Monday, March 15, 2010

Character Profiles Part 7. Who is Dunsford the Walrus?

Dunsford the walrus is the stereotypical proper british chap who believes in manners and style and doing the right thing. Dunsford is a worldly walrus and is considered quite an intellect amongst his peers. If you want to know anything about the world, from arts and history to science or world events, Dunsford is the walrus to see. He has a lot to offer his friends and could be quite an effective mentor if he just had a little more patience. You see, the problem with Dunsford is that instead of accepting that everybody has different abilities, Dunsford gets frustrated when somebody doesnt know what he knows or of they disagree with his opinion.

The challenge that Dunsford faces on a daily basis is patience. He has to learn that everybody knows different things and have different strengths and weaknesses. Dunsford needs to accept everybody as they are and not be so critical of what they know or how they act. If Dunsford could learn to not judge everyone so harshly, he would then start seeing everyones unique gifts that they can share with the world.

Stay tuned for the last post in Character Profiles. We will be discussing the last but not least character in the Joey the Penguin series, Abigail the Killer Whale.....

Peace Out,


Thursday, March 11, 2010

Character Profiles Part 6. Who is Camille the Seal?

Camille the seal is a leopard seal who truly believes that she is the most beautiful creature in the world. Instead of focusing on personality, health or happiness, Camille focuses on her looks and spends endless amount of energy staring at herself through mirror like pieces of ice .

Camille is not a bad person, but she needs to learn to focus on what is more important in life. beauty is not skin deep and the challenge she faces is the understanding that external beauty is not as important when compared to what is inside.

Camille will eventually figure this out through the help of her Antarctic friends.

Stay tuned for the next blog where we will learn more about Dunsford the walrus.

Have a great week!

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Character Profiles Part 5. Who is Gills the Shark?

Gills the shark is the bully of the sea that is angry and not really sure why. Gills represents the guy that everybody had at school who felt that it was okay to push people around. Gills wants to have friends deep down inside, but due to his own insecurities he holds onto his anger and lashes out against the animals that he encounters.

Thanks to Joey The Penguin and Friends, Gills eventually will be forced into a corner where he will have no choice but to give up his bullying ways and embrace the friendships with all of the animals in his community.

Gills will finally be able to see that a world of peace and love feels pretty good. :)

Stay tuned for Part 6 of Character profiles where we will be discussing Camille the Seal!

Take care,