Saturday, November 29, 2008

Joey the Penguin is now online and in business!

Joey the Penguin is now officially online. Come and visit us, play one of our Flash games, check out the characters and order your personal copy of Joey the Penguin today. Check out Squeedo's Squirt challenge and see how far you can make it!

Thank you,

Joey the Penguin

Monday, October 13, 2008

Joey The Penguin

About The Book: Joey the Penguin is a story of a happy little penguin who lives out his dream of playing baseball in the Antarctic, despite everyone telling him that it would not be possible. "Joey The Penguin" serves to teach children that anything is possible in life if you truly believe that it is. Using the same philosophy of "The Secret", Joey teaches his fellow Antarctic creatures that although there are some situations that seem impossible, if you truly believe you can achieve your goals, set a plan and put it into action, then you will always win out in the end.

About The Author: Brian Hiltz is a Computer Networking Professional who always had a dream of writing and publishing his own book. He resides in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada. After the birth of his daughter, Brian was inspired to finally write his first book which was many years overdue. The inspiration of Joey came from his father who thought up the fictional character who was brought to life for the simple purpose of teasing one of his granddaughters. Joey the Penguin is now considered one of the Hiltz's family members and is very real when discussed around the dinner table. Brian has decided to turn into an ecommerce site and will be selling childrens clothing and products. More books are scheduled to be written informing readers of the other characters in the first book that are now regular friends of Joey.